A Snake in my Bed : Episode 1

(demo, in production, work in progress, featuring LGBTQ characters)


A boys love Story

After a series of unfortunate events, a young man named Pidrù finds himself responsible for the vanishing of his boss,  Diégo (aka the DILF). In his quest to bring him back, he is helped by weird spirits from pre-colombian civilizations and a strange free-spirited boy named Ángel. Also, his cat!


This game is a project I'm developing in my own free time.  The more effort spent on the project, the  better it will become in terms of content (CGs, Backgrounds, Character Sprites, Sounds...),  story scripting  and programming. I'm so glad you arrive here to read and scroll this page. All your feedbacks, comments, follows and support really mean a lot to me. So thank you for your time!

Regardless of whether you are able to contribute or not , your appreciation of my work is  greatly appreciated!  

Where to support us ? 

Here on itch.io or there on our studio's Patreon, or my Ko-fi.



Pidrù is a nice gay Spanish boy studying archeology and doing his internship at a museum in Madrid. [Main Character]

Diégo is a charming Spanish straight man in charge of exhibitions, curation and cultural diffusion at a fancy museum in Madrid . [Love Interest Character]

Ángel is a free spirited young queer man working multiple odd jobs living the peculiar life of a lonely soul. [Love Interest Character]

... and more characters to come.


About us:

Alix (alepinay) is a member of Taularedona Studio

Find me on Twitter , Instagram and here's our studio's Patreon, or my Ko-fi if you feel like it!

Taularedona Studio
StatusOn hold
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tagsaztec, Dating Sim, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Meaningful Choices
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
LinksPatreon, Kofi

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The art and design for this game will be great once it's all in place. I like where the story is going too. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for cheering me up!

i share the money and game dont find the label

Deleted 4 years ago

What browser are you on ?

The Samsung Internet browser that came with my phone. I tried using Google Chrome as well but just got a black screen.

That's so weird the file mentioned in the error message no longer exists, I did not upload this in the latest version. Seems like Itch.io is sending you to an older version of the game... please try on a laptop, a tablet or a desk computer and tell me. Sorry for this inconvenience.


Really interesting story, lovely character portraits too!


I can't wait to see what happens next! Great job :)!

Me too !


Me too !!


FYI: After the Jam, I've started working on art and characters sprite ! Thanks for following :)